Our company

Quality policy

As all our colleagues know, the future looks brighter when quality is the essence of our work. At Fragola Industries, the values of every stage of production are protected by our diligent policies.

Our quality policy

All our collaborators are constantly trained in the new production techniques and quality principles. Consequently, we can create added value without any flaws or waste. Our aim is to create a company comprised of dynamic and evolutive people. Our ongoing investment leads us to seek/maintain the highest quality in what we do and to increase our operating rate.

Our environmental policy

Identifying environmental impacts by storing and reducing waste properly.

Controlling and eliminating hazardous waste.

Balancing energy and natural resources by being aware of the environment and supporting training to be prepared for emergencies.

Working and providing solutions under record and being respectful to the environment in respect of legislation, and continuously improving the environmental management system.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Preparing security policy by complying with international standards, laws, regulations and OHS legislation requirements

Improving the quality of occupational health and safety by following developing technologies, adapting to daily life and sharing its implementation

To encourage all our employees and safely meeting all training needs in order to fulfill our responsibilities, by regularly monitoring the existing work system and ensuring regular updates to eliminate threatening risks.